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Corner Office

My company, Corner Office, contracted with G&G Builders, Inc. to build our newest building, the Prime Barbecue building in Knightdale NC.  G&G won a competitive RFP/bid process by being honest and fair and showing ample experience in this size commercial project.  Their part of this project was just under $3,000,000.  We could not be happier with their work, the finished project, the people they put on our project, and the attention to detail throughout.  We had meetings on a regular basis to make sure things kept moving, to make sure things didn’t fall through the cracks, and to go over any clarifications and the many changes we requested.  I couldn’t be more happy with the people at G&G and their work.  And I couldn’t recommend them high enough.  They’re great people doing great work.

Fred Von Cannon

Sir Walter Chevrolet

I began working with G&G Builders when I hired them to do an extensive renovation of our dealership facility that was completed in 2013.  I selected G&G by doing site visits of completed renovations by different builders, as Chevrolet required all dealers to meet new facility standards. I was very satisfied with their performance before, during and after construction. They are very organized and have exceptional people. All details were discussed thoroughly as the project progressed which translated into minimal questions at billing. Since the completion of our remodel, I call G&G for any repairs or new projects at the facility. I am very pleased to recommend G&G Builders

Greg N. Anderson

David Perry

I have known Amos Greene for over 10 years as a customer, a contractor for my business project, and a friend. During that time, I have found him to be very reliable, timely, professional and trust worthy. He has my highest recommendation.  Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

David Perry

Temple Church

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of Amos Greene and G & G Builders. I have been through 2 building projects with G & G since 2013 and have always been completely satisfied with their performance. Amos and his team have always been very punctual and courteous providing superior services at an extremely competitive rate. Having had many meetings with Amos and his team in his office, my office, architect offices and on job sites, I can say that his group are always professional in any situation. We are currently in final design stages of our next multimillion dollar project where we are fully trusting G & G Builders to bring our design to fruition. I am happy to recommend the services of G & G Builders. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Thomas Parker
Worship & Operations Pastor / Temple Church

Heritage Animal Hospital

I have had the pleasure of working with Amos Greene and G&G Builders now for a little over five years through several projects. I have been very satisfied with the open communication, transparency and fairness of costs, and guidance throughout the planning and building process. When we have run into unforeseen challenges (not by the fault of G&G Builders), Amos has always been there to help problem solve and has been willing to attend several meetings to advocate on my behalf to get the project accomplished. I believe that Amos, and the superintendents that I've worked with, are always looking out for the best interest of their customers to provide the highest quality work that they can. Any time I request a modification of the original plan, it has been met with a 'can do' attitude and we have had excellent dialog throughout the projects.  The on-site meetings are very professional and informative to help me feel that progress is being made and that I have input throughout.  I have been very satisfied by the quality of work that is being performed while maintaining an awareness of the time frame needed to complete the projects. I absolutely recommend Amos Greene and G&G Builders for any project due to their honesty, quality of work, and open communication. I have worked with other contractors on several projects prior and did not have the same level of confidence and trust that I do with G&G Builders.  They operate with integrity representing their values and commitment to service for their clients. If you have any specific questions or would like to discuss further, please feel free to reach out to me and I would be happy to speak with you.

Ginger Tran, DVM

The Joint Chiropractic Knightdale

You have a wonderful crew & I am so glad Mark, Mike & Chris were assigned to work with me.  I couldn't have hand picked a better crew.  Thank you for having such honest & thorough men working for you.  From the first time I met with Mark to survey the job, I was very impressed and he was super thorough.  The crew that I got on this job is by far the best.  Everything went smoothly and I didn't have to run anyone down to complete work.  Work was completed on-time or ahead of time.  Communication was open and I felt like I had a honest crew working with me.  During the punchlist walk-thru my regional director was amazed there was no work to do on the contractors end.  Thank you for everything and for making my clinic look fantastic. Dr. Cherese Scotton Bratcher DC  

Dr. Cherese Scotton Bratcher DC
Chiropractic Physician / The Joint Chiropractic


This letter is to express the satisfaction of our company with G&G Builders, its owners, staff and personnel on the last two building projects we have undertaken. The first project included the complete renovation of an existing 14,000 sq. ft. building. This project included office remodeling, new facial facade and raising the entire roof of the warehouse by over six feet. The second project included the erection of a new 35,000 sq. ft. building and attaching it to our existing building. The project included site work, construction of the building, drainage, pond, landscaping and paving. Both projects went very smoothly and were completed in a timely manner. We experienced very few problems and the G&G people were always on top of things. We would highly recommend G&G as a builder of quality buildings and we certainly expect to use them for our future expansions. Please feel free to contact me if you have a specific question. Best Regards,

Larry Davis
Vice President/General Manager / REUEL, INC.


I highly recommend G&G Builders as the contractor for your building needs. G&G Builders handled the construction of my orthodontic office in Knightdale, North Carolina in 2007. I found G&G Builders to be very competitive and timely with the initial bid estimates and Mr. Greene was responsive to all of my pre-building questions and concerns. Mr. Greene was very organized with the building schedule and draft requests, and the actual building process stayed on schedule throughout the project. Even my banker commented that the draft requests to his bank were well organized. G&G Builders' employees were very professional, and the site superintendent kept me well informed of progress and/or delays during building. The work site was kept cleaner than any work site which I have been associated. Most importantly, my project was completed on time and on budget. I have found my building to be well-constructed. Sincerely, Dr. Jim Buckthal


Acts Medical Center

Wendell, North Carolina Dear G&G Builders, You were very professional and committed to delivering the very best product in a timely manner. You would not rest until we were 100% satisfied. Working with G&G Builders was the best decision I have ever made. Feel free to have anyone contact me if they are undecided about choosing G&G Builders. Sincerly,

R. Eric Clayton, M.D.

Goldsboro Milling Company

To Whom It May Concern: In reference to G&G Builders, we want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service their company provides. We sincerely appreciate their responsiveness and the way they conduct business. We have recommended their company to others because of our satisfaction with their service. We currently have four buildings under contract with them now, and look forward to doing business with them in the future. Best regards,

Lee Mason
Director of Construction/Maintenance / Goldsboro Milling Company

Eyedeals Optometry, Raleigh, North Carolina

I would like to take this opportunity to express my total satisfaction with the recent work done for us by G&G Builders. They did the upfit of our optometry location on Green Road in Raleigh. The quote given was very competitive and provided in an expedient manner. All permits from the City of Raleigh were taken care of for us. I considered the workmanship outstanding and I felt like I was given top priority on the different stages of the project. The attitude of the employees was also commendable. They took the time to make sure that the project went exactly as I had wanted. I would highly recommend G&G Builders without reservation. They are as good as it gets in the construction industry. Please feel free to contact me if you would like a personal reference for Amos and his crew.

Jim Lewis


Wendell, North Carolina Dear Amos, I cannot really begin to express our joy for the final product and our deep appreciation for you and G&G Builders. Honestly, Amos, you really were a gift to us. You handle everything with great skill, wise diplomacy, and easy nature, can-do attitude. Your patience with our committee and the whole wedding thing was tremendous! You have much to feel good about and be grateful for! We do! We will dedicate the Sanctuary in an afternoon service on February 26 and will want to officially recognize you at that time, so mark your calendar. Until then, please come by any time, any day, and any hour. Blessings to you and your family.


Princeton United Methodist Church

Dear G&G Builders, Thanks for the wonderful job that you did on the kitchen for our Church. Neal Holloman was very good to work with, very understanding and patient with our people. Thanks again,  

Kenneth Starling

Anthony Barnes

Dear Amos, Enclosed you will find our final remittance for both the major construction and out of pocket expenses incurred for our project. We are both in agreement that this is one payment that we did not want to delay, not only because of the value is represents, but because of our appreciation for you and your crew. There aren't enough words to fully convey our thoughts, but in short... 1.You exceeded our expectations. We had envisioned what we thought the new addition would look like, but you included a level of detail that we would never have imagined. 2.Your commitment to quality is evident from every aspect of this project. Because we were here during construction, we were able to see the care that was taken with every detail. We were amazed at some of the small things that were done to improve quality of which we would have been clueless if they were overlooked. It was quite apparent that everyone was interested in building a superior product. 3.Interacting with each member of your crew was a pleasure. We were treated with courtesy and respect from everyone we encountered. We also received regularly updates on the progress of the project-without having to ask! 4.You worked so diligently to incorporate, at a minimal cost to us, the additional items we wanted that were outside of the original scope of the project. Although we wanted to keep interruptions at a minimum, we knew that trying to get work done after construction would have been even more costly. Thank you for being flexible and working with us on each item. 5.You listened to us! You took the time to discover what we were hoping to achieve and used your professional expertise to devise a delivery strategy. Of particular note is our offhand comment that we were interested in using the new garage as a storm shelter. Although this was not included in any documentation, you remembered that and included extra support and shoring that will help ensure our safety if we need to use it as such. We're grateful for our storm bunker! We are looking forward to any opportunity to share our positive experience with anyone who may be looking for a building contractor in the future. Since there were no negative aspects of us working with you over the past few months, we can recommend your company with confidence knowing that their experience will be a positive one as well. Sincerely, Anthony W. Barnes & Mesheider Richardson

Anthony Barnes


I have personally known the owners of G&G Builders since 1976. Over the last 29 years they have built my office and renovated it twice. They have also built my two homes. I have found their craftsmanship to be impeccable. They have conducted themselves professionally and always have delivered the projects timely and to my total satisfaction. I could not give them a higher recommendation. If I can be of further assistance please feel free to contact me. Sincerely,

Robert R. Labusohr, DDS

S. Dillon Wooten, Jr.

Goldsboro, North Carolina Dear G&G Builders, Your company recently completed the renovation of my house in addition to building a new garage and multi purpose building. The project started in the fall of 2008 and finished on time and on budget. We were very satisfied with the work and the flexibility in completing many different tasks to complete this total job. My wife and I have enjoyed the remodeled kitchen, new garage and the new addition office room. Recently G&G Builders completed the Dollar General Store on the corner of Highway 13 North and Tommy's Rd. in Goldsboro for our company, Coastal Transport, Inc. This job has been completed satisfactorily and on time and the recent inspection by Chris Evans of Dollar General Corporation indicated that there were no major issues or concerns outstanding. We were able to get our Certificate of Occupancy on time and turned the building over to Dollar General as planned by the June 15, 2009 deadline.  Our experience on these projects indicates that G&G Builders, Inc. is a very capable general contractor. Sincerely,

S. Dillon Wooten, Jr.


Wendell, North Carolina Dear Amos, Thank you for taking our church project and making it look great. I also appreciate you relieving the stress for me. Thank you,

Lorraine Dixon

City Of Goldsboro

To Whom It May Concern: The City of Goldsboro recently designed a metal building addition, consisting of 3300 square feet, for the fire department located at 1300 Poplar Street. The facility was constructed by G&G Builders. As the Chief Building Inspector, I realize no project is perfect; but the cooperation and professionalism of G&G Builders made the project go smoothly. We now have a very nice facility and we invite you to visit to see the quality of work done by G&G Builders. I would highly recommend them as your general contractor if you plan to construct this type of building. Sincerely,

Ed Cianfarra
Chief Building Inspector / City of Goldsboro

Town of Faison

Gentlemen: Your company was chosen by my Board to engineer, construct and build a building for the Town of Faison. I would like to say that your group has done an outstanding job, and I personally believe that your group has gone above and beyond our expectations. We were not exactly sure what we wanted, or would be able to afford, but with your group of people, we were able to get a finished product that we are extremely proud of and within our budget. We now have the Faison Gymnasium and Wellness Center that is the envy of the entire area. We have had nothing but congratulations and praise on the building that we have. I do want to thank you and your entire staff for all the courtesies that your company has extended to us, and want to compliment you for the group that you have in your office. They are definitely a Professional Group, and I know that you are proud of them. We will of course be happy to tell everyone who our Contractor was, and we will be more than happy to recommend you to anyone that may inquire. Again, many thanks for a job “Well done” and we are proud to say that you were our contractors on this project, and will certainly work with you on any future projects. With kindest regards and best wishes, I remain, Yours truly

Elmer Flake

St. Eugene

  On behalf of the Catholic community of St. Eugene Parish I want to commend you and your company for the excellent construction of the Parish's new Church. Your attention tot eh day-to-day construction and to our needs resulted in this beautiful structure. I would not hesitate in recommending your company to anyone considering hiring G&G Builders for a future construction project. Thank you again for your diligence to our project. Sincerely, Rev. Johanes Raharjo, Pastor

Rev. Johanes Raharjo
Pastor / St. Eugene

Church of Christ

Dear Sir: On behalf of the Slocumb Street Church of Christ, I want to extend a gracious thanks for the wonderful renovation work which your company recently completed. G&G Builder's workmanship and professionalism have been superb. Personally, I want to express my great appreciation for the help that Mr. Mark Johnson provided during this entire process. He demonstrated great patience, flexibility, responsiveness, and stellar professionalism. Mark demonstrated a caring attitude toward the customer at all times. He did not put the dollar ahead of the customer. This was important to us because of our very restrictive budget. Because of our experience with G&G Builders and its staff, I can without reservation recommend them to any customer needing building and renovation work. Again, thanks for a job well done! Respectfully,

Stoney M. King

Calypso Volunteer Fire Department

Dear Amos, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate the job G&G Builders, Inc did for us in renovating and adding to our Fire Department. I am the treasurer of the Department and I was given the task of overseeing and working with the contractor when our project began. We were very pleased with the working relationship developed with G&G. From 'Day-One' when you stopped what you were doing to drive to Calypso to help us negotiate the final price and sign a contract, which helped us save a substantial grant the Department was on the verge of loosing. We also appreciate you working with our funding sources in providing them the necessary paper work when requested. I don't believe a single ream of Davis Bacon reports had to be resubmitted. This was most unusual and also very much appreciated by the USDA-Rural Development. Finally, I have found in my career that a contractor's job superintendent is the person that can make or break a project form the beginning. That person is not only your construction supervisor, but also your liaison between you and the Department. Neal Holloman must be your company’s most prized asset. Tying a 30 year old building to a new construction presents many unseen challenges. As far as I am concerned, Neal may be the master at making these challenges go away with everybody satisfied. As multitalented as he is, he helped us do many little things along the way that would have cost us significantly had it not been for Neal. We felt so good about the job Neal did, we honored him with an appreciation plaque at our recent open house and dedication. We are very pleased with and proud of our building. We would like for you to show it to any prospective client that would like to see one of your finished products. Sincerely and Most Appreciative,

Roger Davis

Hal Burrows

  Thank you very much for your work in uplifting my building at 7201 Glenwood Avenue. This was probably a comparatively small job for you and a somewhat messy one because of its ad hoc nature and my novice status at this sort of thing, but G&G's work left nothing to be desired. I really appreciate it. I'll certainly call on you again.

Hal Burrows

Boulevard Pizza

Dear G&G Builders, I wanted to give you and your staff a big thank you for doing such a wonderful job in upfitting our restaurant. You were up front about cost, products, no hidden costs or surprise expenses. You stayed on budged and on schedule. When we had to reconfigure some space and change the plans, it wasn't a problem, your staff were professional and courteous. You went above and beyond, helping us carry in and even assemble some equipment. Your workmanship is of the highest quality. Even the cleanup was great, all construction debris was gone and the restaurant was clean! I would definitely recommend you to anyone who asks and will be using you for any future construction needs.

Simon Papadopoulos

Temple Baptist Church

Amos, It was a great pleasure working with G&G Builders to complete the task that the Lord had laid upon the hearts of the people at Temple Baptist Church in Selma, N.C. G&G Builders displayed extreme professionalism throughout the whole process. Dedication to the daily oversight and operations was outstanding. While we had many companies to choose from we felt that the Lord guided us to call upon G&G to build His house. The Vision that the Lord has laid upon the hearts of Temple include two more buildings in the future. I have no doubt as to whom to call upon to help us see this vision come to fruition for the Lord Jesus. I highly recommend G&G Builders for your building needs.

Gary Killebrew
Executive Pastor / Temple Baptist Church

Universal Chevrolet

I have been acquainted with G & G Builders, Inc. for many years. Amos Greene is a third generation builder, following in the prestigious footsteps of his father and grandfather. G & G Builders is known for the quality craftsmanship of residential homes and commercial properties throughout the area.  Amos recently contracted with Universal Chevrolet to renovate the dealership located at 114 N Main Street, Wendell, NC. The entire process was smooth and seamless in his handling of the work and his employees. This renovation resulted in a cost of about 1 million dollars. We were extremely pleased with the results and have contracted with him to now renovate the Service Building at a cost of approximately $250,000.  Needless to say, I would recommend Amos and G & G Builders to anyone seeking honest, quality and professional work.  Please do not hesitate to call me if you would like further information. Sincerely,

W. Paul White


Dear Amos, We, Sanoca Rural Fire District, hereby state that we are satisfied with the quality of construction with our new fire station building located at 7221 NC Highway 222 East, Stantonsburg, NC. It was a pleasure dealing with G&G Builders, and all of your staff. We shall highly recommend your company to all of those that plan and/or are considering new construction in the future. I am sure that everyone in your company has worked hard on this project, but I would like to especially recognize Neal Holloman. Neal has worked tirelessly on this project, was always available to answer any questions and make recommendations, and always had the best interest in mind; not only for G&G Builders, but for us as well. For that, we are very grateful. Very Respectfully Submitted,

AJ O'Briant
Fire Chief

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