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About G&G Builders, Inc.

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G&G Builders, Inc. is a family owned Design-Build General Contractor based in Wendell, North Carolina.  For over 45 years, G&G Builders has been delivering high quality construction projects and building a reputation of customer satisfaction.

From preliminary design until you receive the keys to the building, G&G Builders has the expertise to guide you every step of the way.



G&G Builders, Inc. will consistently do what is right for its customers and employees. Its reputation is built on honesty and integrity.


G&G Builders, Inc. will strive for excellence in all aspects of the construction process. Its team is committed to excellence and will deliver a high quality project within budget and on schedule.

Work Ethic

G&G Builders, Inc. will outwork the competition in order to earn loyalty and establish trust with it’s customers


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