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Location: Calypso, NC

The Calypso Volunteer Fire Department was formally organized in 1952 and now has over thirty members working for the safety of their community. G&G renovated parts of their existing building, and fitted it with new additions, such as a porch, a lounge, a dining hall, and a new kitchen. The Department appreciated the job we did so much that they honored the head of the project with a commemorative plaque!

A Word from the Client

Dear Amos, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate the job G&G Builders, Inc did for us in renovating and adding to our Fire Department. I am the treasurer of the Department and I was given the task of overseeing and working with the contractor when our project began. We were very pleased with the working relationship developed with G&G. From ‘Day-One’ when you stopped what you were doing to drive to Calypso to help us negotiate the final price and sign a contract, which helped us save a substantial grant the Department was on the verge of loosing. We also appreciate you working with our funding sources in providing them the necessary paper work when requested. I don’t believe a single ream of Davis Bacon reports had to be resubmitted. This was most unusual and also very much appreciated by the USDA-Rural Development. Finally, I have found in my career that a contractor’s job superintendent is the person that can make or break a project form the beginning. That person is not only your construction supervisor, but also your liaison between you and the Department. Neal Holloman must be your company’s most prized asset. Tying a 30 year old building to a new construction presents many unseen challenges. As far as I am concerned, Neal may be the master at making these challenges go away with everybody satisfied. As multitalented as he is, he helped us do many little things along the way that would have cost us significantly had it not been for Neal. We felt so good about the job Neal did, we honored him with an appreciation plaque at our recent open house and dedication. We are very pleased with and proud of our building. We would like for you to show it to any prospective client that would like to see one of your finished products. Sincerely and Most Appreciative,

Roger Davis
Treasurer / Calypso Volunteer Fire Department

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